Heads Up

As the title suggests I want to give a heads up about some giveaways I’ll be doing. There will be 3 giveaways for the next 3 months (Jul, Aug,  & Sep). I’ll give you more details later this month so be alert! Follow me on social media for updates.


This post is all about unicorns! I’ve gathered a ton of links to items with a unicorn theme. I can’t be the only one that loves these majestic creatures. Indulge in these amazing magical things, enjoy!


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May’s Playlist

Late, but here’s this months play list! No particular theme this time just what I’ve been really into listening lately. Hope you enjoy despite myself being MIA recently.

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Madness, Chaos, and Panic

Ugh.. I’ve been having a terrible month. My mother and grandfather are both in poor health. I’ve been my mother’s nurse for 2 weeks now. Life has never been smooth for me. I might have had 2 days in a row where things were good. I try not to let it bring me down but it does catch up to me and I just need to get away. I can’t be the only one, right?

I’ve been inactive on all platforms this month. I have lots of ideas and partials posts drafted but just haven’t gathered the energy to publish any. I’m trying to adult the best I can here, haha.

I might queue up some posts once a week for the next month this weekend to give me some time to get back on schedule. At the moment I feel terrible. I will be back to posting though, so don’t go away!